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Hope for the Nations

Speaker: - May 17, 2015

Psalm 67
This sermons is part of a series Psalms for a World Turned Upside Down. God’s blessed people are a witness to the glory of God to a desperate world that needs to know Him.


Give Me Wisdom!

Speaker: - May 17, 2015

James 1:5
We need wisdom for life, but conventional wisdom will not cut it. Christians are invited to call upon the Lord for wisdom from above for the trials of life and the choices we make day by day.


The Ascension

Speaker: - May 14, 2015

Luke 24:44ff; Acts 1:4-11
The ascension, reign and return of Jesus are great truths to be celebrated in the life of every Christian. We love Him, live for Him, long for Him and Look for Him.


Vengeance on the wicked

Speaker: - May 10, 2015

Psalm 58
Can Christians pray for God’s righteous wrath against wicked rulers? This Psalm give us insight into this provocative question.


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Sunday, May 24 Messages:
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