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To Him. Amen!

Speaker: - January 25, 2015

Romans 16:21-27
As we conclude this series we see that Paul ends his letter with the theme that has overarched the entire letter – God’s glory. May our response to all that has been written by the apostle under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit be “to God be the glory” and may our application of it to our lives declare the same. And all God’s people said: “Amen!”


Carry Up My Bones

Speaker: - January 18, 2015

Genesis 50:22-26
Bodies may be embalmed, dry bones may turn to dust, but living souls of the saints go to be with the Lord. In that great resurrection day souls and rejuvenated bodies will be reunited to live on the new earth under the new heavens. This is all true because of what Jesus did in conquering the grave


Sanctity, Compassion and Healing

Speaker: - January 18, 2015

Psalm 127
Clinical Abortions Since 1973 in the USA – From a real-time abortion counter Thursday, January 15, 2015, 2:35 PM 57,535,493 … at 3:35 PM 57,535,623 The counter continues to click the death toll.
RU-486 (abortion pill) numbers are not included.
For more information go to:


I Am Not God

Speaker: - January 11, 2015

Genesis 50:15-21
Joseph understood that God was in control of all the details of his life, and he knew that even the bad things that happened to him were part of God’s perfect plan not only for his personal good – but also for the good of others.


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