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Speaker: - August 17, 2014

Genesis 45:1-28
Joseph finally reveals his identity to his awestruck brothers. After observations regarding the character of Joseph are reviewed connections are made to the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God.


Your Tax Dollars

Speaker: - August 17, 2014

Romans 13:6-7
Christians are reminded of their duty to pay taxes to the government.


Squirming Under Guilt

Speaker: - August 3, 2014

Genesis 44:1-34
Joseph’s brothers are brought to another level of anxiety – to the brink – wit’s end – before their brother reveals himself to them. God, and His instrument Joseph are drawing the sons of Israel where they need to be for both material need and spiritual transformation.


Civil Servants of God

Speaker: - August 3, 2014

Romans 13:1-5
Christians are called to obey man’s laws and honor civil authorities. God has instituted law and order and His people can glorify Him through simple obedience. There is a breaking point when saints are pressed to obey man over God – that is something they just cannot do.


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Sunday, August 24 Messages:
AM: “A Lovely Kind of Debt” ~ Romans 13:8-10
PM: “Reunion” ~ Genesis 46
Speaker: Pastor Ken Klett @ both Services

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