The youthful years are foundational to the way we build the rest of our lives.
Church kids (if we can call them that) have a special blessing and wonderful
opportunity to set themselves on the solid rock at an early age – that is, if they
are being raised in a solid church. Sadly so many squander the special privilege
the Lord bestows on His covenant people and many young people who were
raised in the church fall away from the Lord. The writer of Ecclesiastes was one
such individual. He heard the truth from infancy and had all the blessing of the
church at his finger-tips, but somewhere along the line he decided to pursue the
world over and above the things of the Lord. He soon discovered that life
without the Lord is painful vanity, meaningless and empty – he became a hollow
man. The Lord was merciful and he came to his senses but you can’t help but
note a sense of sorrow even in his spiritual recovery. He reflects back on many
lost years. In our short verse he appeals to his readers to remember their
Creator in the days of youth. It is often said it is “never too late,” which is true,
but we also know from God’s Word that no man knows his hour. Let us each be
sure to seek the Lord while He may be found, to set out by His grace to walk
with the Lord Jesus all the days of our lives. May the time we have to serve Him
here be full, rich and meaningful for the glory of God, the good of others, and
the deep satisfaction of our souls that will never die.

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