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Sunday School

Sundays at 9 am, September – May

Classes for all ages

Preschool to Kindergarten:

  • Class will meet in Room 2.
  • The theme for this year is “God Keeps His Promises.”
  • The study will promote a better understanding of God, as the children study His faithfulness to
  • His people in the Old Testament.


Grades 1 & 2:

  • The class will meet in Room 4.
  • The theme for this year is “Growing in God.”
  • The study will try to help our children to learn, along with the Israelites, what it means to trust and obey God.


Grades 3-5:

  • The class will meet in Room 3.
  • The theme for this year is “Telling Others.”
  • The study will look at stories from the Book of Acts in order to help and encourage our children to know how to share their faith.


Grades 6-8:

  • Class will meet on the lower floor of the youth building.
  • The theme of this class is “Bible Doctrine 1.”
  • The study will examine Questions 1-38 from the Westminster Shorter Catechism and will focus on what we should believe about God.


High School:

  • Pastor Hans will lead your Sunday school class. The class will have a double emphasis. One part will be an audio-visual series called LIFE ON THE EDGE – Preparing for the Challenges of Adulthood. The topics covered are:  Finding God’s Will for Your Life, The Myth of Safe Sex, Love Must Be Tough, The Keys to a Lifelong Love, Emotions: Can You Trust Them?, When God Doesn’t Make Sense, and Pornography: Addictive, Progressive, and Deadly. The second part will be the beginning of a study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. The questions and answers are so relevant, so basic to our faith, and so practical to you as young adults. In addition, our class will also include lessons on how to defend and grow in our faith in a hostile cultural setting. Please make every effort to attend in order to learn and to contribute.


  • A modified version of Evangelism Explosion (EE) will be offered during the Adult Sunday School hour. This supports one of our church initiatives for this year, which is to work on evangelism and outreach. The training will not include door to door evangelism, but will focus on learning key Bible passages and illustrations outlined in a well tested method for sharing your faith. Please consider attending this helpful training developed by Dr. James Kennedy if you have never been involved in EE before or if you desire to review your previous training.

Special Needs Adults

  • The study this year is Faith(Bethesda Series), written by Jill Miller, the 4th study in a 7-part series designed to provide Bible study material for adults and young adults affected by disability. Parts 1 – 3 were covered in the last three years.
  • In addition, the class will continue memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism and reading through The Ology by Marty Machowski.



“Growth in Grace” Family Night Activities

Dinner at 5:30pm ~ Classes at 6:15pm

(Childcare Available)

Elementary Grades

  • The class will meet in Room 4.
  • The theme is the Holy Spirit and Prayer.


Middle School Youth Group

  • The group will meet in the Youth Building.
  • The goal is to help middle school kids understand and shape their relationship with God.
  • A lot of wonderful activities, discussion times, retreats, Bible studies, and service projects are planned, including two joint activities with the high school youth group – the first one being the September 15th/16th retreat.


Women’s Bible Study

  • The winter Bible study, an 8-week study beginning January 17, 2018. It is our hope that many women of all ages will join us weekly to study God’s Word. It’s a wonderful opportunity, not only for studying the Word, but also for praying for, fellowshipping with, and encouraging one another as sisters in our walk of faith.
    For our 8-week study we will be using the book Praying With Paul* by D. A. Carson. The study will lead us into the Epistles to see what Paul taught in his “school of prayer,” as it exposes us to priorities of prayer, a God-centered framework for prayer, and practices for a more dynamic and meaningful prayer life. Christians today can still achieve the confidence Paul enjoyed by following his life-shaping principles and searching for a deeper devotional experience.
    The study is based on D. A. Carson’s book Praying With Paul (which is not required reading but would be a wonderful companion along with the study guide for those who would like to invest more time). Each lesson will consist of a homework component, a group discussion time, and a DVD teaching by D. A. Carson.
     Babysitting will be provided at the evening Bible study.
     The morning and evening studies will cover the same material week by week.
     The studies will meet Wednesdays in the large S. S. classroom downstairs on a weekly basis from 9:30-11:00 am and from 6:15-7:45 pm.
    Ladies, please prayerfully consider joining us this winter as we open God’s Word together. A sign-up sheet is available in the narthex.

Men’s Bible Study

  • The study will be in Room 3.
  • The study is on the psalms, and is a continuation of our study from this summer.
  • We’ll be using our Bibles and a study guide on the psalms.
  • The study is challenging but very worthwhile.

Sunday School and Growth in Grace (GIG) Schedule

CPC Sunday School 2017-18 2017-2018
2017 GIG Schedule
September 10 Lesson 1
17 Lesson 2 20-Sep
24 Lesson 3 4-Oct
October 1 Lesson 4 1-Nov
8 Missions Conference 15-Nov
15 Lesson 5 29-Nov
22 Lesson 6 13-Dec
29 Lesson 7 3-Jan
November 5 Lesson 8 31-Jan
12 Lesson 9 7-Feb
19 Lesson 10 21-Feb
26 Lesson 11 7-Mar
December 3 Lesson 12 11-Apr
10 Lesson 13 25-Apr
17 Christmas Program
24 Christmas Break
31 Christmas Break
January 7 Lesson 1
14 Lesson 2
21 Lesson 3
28 Lesson 4
February 4 Lesson 5
11 Lesson 6
18 Lesson 7
25 Lesson 8
March 4 Lesson 9
11 Lesson 10
18 Lesson 11
25 Lesson 12
April 1 Spring Break
8 Spring Break
15 Lesson 13
22 Lesson 1
29 Lesson 2
May 6 Lesson 3
13 Lesson 4
20 Lesson 5

Women’s Ministry

  • A Women’s Bible Study will meet Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 on the same schedule as the Wednesday evening Bible study. (See Growth in Grace schedule)
  • The weekly study will meet in the church library beginning September 20th from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.
  • The study book, Sermon on the Mount by Jen Wilkin, will search out what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom of Heaven according to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The same material will be covered in the evening study.
  • Babysitting for the morning Bible study will be arranged when requested.

(updated 09/04/17) More info…

Senior High Youth Group 

  • We meet every second Sunday in the Youth Building.
  • Our time together begins with a meal and also includes a game or skit, singing, a very interactive Bible study consisting of questions and discussion, and prayer.
  • The theme for our Bible studies and discussions will be “Unchanging Truths in Changing Times.”
  • We are planning two retreats, one in the fall and one in the spring.
  • We are also planning to join Harvest OPC again for our annual short-term missions trip to Chattanooga to work with Hope for the Inner City.

Small Group Bible Studies

Young Men’s Study and Fellowship

  • The leader of this group is our intern Ross Vannette.
  • The study will generally meet once a month at the Vannette’s home.
  • The time together begins with a meal, generally provided by the Vannettes.
  • The group is called “Men of Character.”
  • After the meal there is a Bible lesson on Christian character traits and a time for discussion.

Young Couples’ Study and Fellowship

  • The facilitators for this group are Ross Vannette and his wife.
  • The study meets once a month (usually on the first Friday of the month) from 7 – 10 PM in the homes of the members of the group.
  • The evening begins with a meal.
  • After the meal, a video segment from the video series by Gary Thomas entitled “Sacred Marriage” is shown, followed by discussion based on a corresponding workbook.
  • The evening ends with dessert and fellowship.

Golden Friends – Covenant Seniors

Meeting Monthly, excluding January and February

Impact Mission Trip

A one week mission trip during the summer for high school students