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Ephesians 1:15-23

Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven

At God’s right hand …
I. King of Heaven
A. Ruler Over All
B. Head of the Church
C. Giver of Gifts
D. Divine Warrior
II. Righteous Judge
A. Curse
B. Clemency
C. Condemnation
D. Comfort
… now and forever.

Heidelberg Catechism
Lord’s Day 19
50. Q. Why is it added, “And sits at the right hand of God?”
A. Christ ascended into heaven to manifest Himself there as
Head of His Church,
through whom the Father governs all things.
51. Q. How does the glory of Christ, our Head, benefit us?
A. First, by His Holy Spirit He pours out heavenly gifts upon us, His
Second, by His power He defends and preserves us against all
52. Q. What comfort is it to you that Christ will come to judge the
living and the dead?

A. In all my sorrow and persecution I lift up my head and
eagerly await as judge from heaven
the very same person who before has submitted Himself to the
judgment of God for my sake,
and has removed all the curse from me.
He will cast all His and my enemies into everlasting
but He will take me and all His chosen ones to Himself into
heavenly joy and glory.