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Exodus 20:14

No Adultery

A law for sinners and saints …
I. Created Order
A. From the Beginning
B. For all Mankind
C. Grossly Violated
II. Covenant Command
A. Clear Command
B. Comprehensive Chastity
C. Exclusive Commitment
III. Condition of the Heart
A. Toward God
B. Toward Man
C. In Christ’s Community
… grace for the likes of us.

Heidelberg Catechism
Lord’s Day 41

108. Q. What does the seventh commandment teach us?
A. That all unchastity is cursed by God.
We must therefore detest it from the heart
and live chaste and disciplined lives, both within and outside of holy
109. Q. Does God in this commandment forbid nothing more than adultery
and similar shameful sins?

A. Since we, body, and soul, are temples of the Holy Spirit,
it is God’s will that we keep ourselves pure and holy.
Therefore, He forbids all unchaste acts, gestures, words, thoughts, desires,
and whatever may entice us to unchastity.