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Philippians 2:19-30

A Cooperative Calling

Sacrificial Fellowship
Church workers participate in a cooperative calling. In our text
three names are mentioned two that are quite familiar to us.
We know Paul and Timothy and then there is Epaphroditus. They
were from different backgrounds. Paul was a devout Jew.
Timothy was half Greek, half Jew. Epaphroditus, though I can’t
seem to find anything definitive about his origin (there is some
homework for you), I am assuming was a gentile. Their common
denominator was Jesus and their common goal was to minister
His Gospel. All three were sinners saved by grace, and
interestingly all three are known to have had some marked
physical infirmity – in other words they were not perfect – yet
God used them. The three worked together in different
capacities, but they were not alone. Of course they depended
on God to enable them to do what they were called to do. But
they also leaned heavily on the people of the churches to
support, encourage and co-labor with them in their Kingdom
efforts. Ministry requires sacrifice. The three men mentioned are
examples of that as were the people of the church at Philippi. It
was a mutual ministry that required them to be self-sacrificing in
order for their church-work to go well. They serve as examples
for us to follow. May God grant us the grace to serve well and
that our leaders and our congregation would be marked by
sacrificial ministry to the glory of God and the mutual edification
of each other as we strive together for the Kingdom.