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Joshua 24:15

As for Me and My House

Heart and Home
Joshua makes a statement that the head of any Christian
household should embrace. The first part is for all the saints of
God. Personal commitment to serve the Lord is of the essence
of what it means to be a believer. The second part is for those
given the special privilege of spiritual authority. Those who are
granted the honor to oversee and influence others must do all
they can to guide them to serve the Lord. This is especially true
for parents. Each of us must take special care to prepare
ourselves and those under our care for service. Undergirding
service is devotion. To serve the Lord properly we must be
devoted to Him first. To keep our dedication lively we must
communicate with the Lord on a regular basis through His Word
and prayer. We need to be dedicated to the means of grace
that God has given us and direct others to do the same. There is
tremendous blessing in faithfulness but there is also great risk in
neglect. To be blunt – there is no time to slack off. What can we
anticipate for ourselves and our children if we are half-hearted
in our commitment? Thankfully God is merciful despite us … but
if we are negligent in our devotion, we will be weak in our
service. We simply cannot expect to be strong in the Lord
ourselves if we are not seeking Him regularly. We cannot expect
our children to walk in His ways if we are not teaching them how
to tap into the means of grace, he provides for his covenant
people. Perhaps today is a good day to renew your vow to
serve the Lord – and to seek His grace anew for the awesome
task of leading your household in faithful service to your God.