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Philippians 3:20-21

Awaiting the Savior

Assured Anticipation
Scripture is filled with facts that inspire believers. Paul offers three powerful
ones regarding the living Christ in out text. The first is essential to our
assurance and stability during our journey on this side of glory. Jesus reigns
on the throne of Heaven. He cares intimately for citizens of His Kingdom,
and though things might get rough in life He continually intercedes for us,
constantly defends us and faithfully perseveres with us step by step, day by
day. Second, this same Jesus will return in glory to judge the living and the
dead. While the prospect of Jesus’ return should inspire utter terror to
those who continue to rebel against the King of Heaven – for those who
know Him as Savior His appearing is an event we long for with eager
anticipation. No one knows when this great and awesome day will come,
but the inevitability of it should inspire every saint. The third fact assures us
that we will not always struggle with the residual effects of our sinful
nature. What a relief! Forgiveness has been achieved, but as we are
painfully aware of, we are far from perfected. Our bodies, marvelous
creations as they may be, are corrupted and will somehow or other give way
to the gravity of death some day (unless the Lord returns first!). But when
we see Jesus that will all change as our transformation into fully renewed,
glorified creatures will be complete. We can’t fathom the glory of that
wonderful day, but knowing it is coming and knowing the Jesus we love
reigns now should inspire us to live our lives fully and passionately for Him
today and every day until we see Him face to face.