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Luke 1:26-45

Blessed Mary

Gentle (and Perplexed) Mary
There is no doubt at all in my mind that Mary would be mortified by the multitudes upon multitudes of statues made in her image. While it may be less common in our immediate community, some communities and cultures are peppered with statues depicting the mother of Jesus in any variety of sizes. As a Jewish woman, the thought in itself would have been repugnant. And all the veneration offered to her by so many would be equally perplexing. Not that she would necessarily condone statues of Jesus either, but at least that would be setting the right focus. Mary knew her humble position, she knew how blessed she was to bear the Messiah, and she even knew that her name would be renowned for doing so. But her fame would not be for who she was, but for Who she bore in her womb—her baby indeed, but also her Savior, the Lord Jesus. It is hard to fathom the wonderment Mary lived with from the time of this announcement to the end of her life—it was an entirely unique experience that only she would ever have. What she did have in common with everyone else under the sun is this: she was a sinner in need of a Savior. She had to embrace that truth and surrender her life to the Lord, even if she delivered Him into the world. Mary was a humble and obedient servant.

May we humbly bow before Christ and set out in grace to serve and obey Him with our whole heart while bringing Him the worship and full veneration due His holy name.