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Philippians 2:6-7

Christ’s Humiliation I
From Humility to Humiliation
When the Son of God took on human flesh and walked the
earth it was an act willful humility. Such condescension is
unfathomable, yet nonetheless true. The fact that He did so for our
sinful sakes should stun us to the core of our being. The Son of God, the
King of Heaven came to be the Savior of Sinners! But His saving work
required not only His humility, it necessitated humiliation. True humility
rarely leads to humiliation, but when the sinless Christ came humbly,
He was exposed to utter humiliation. As He neared the cross Jesus had
insults and curses healed at Him and He was exposed to disgraces
that brought Him to the point of utter humiliation. His was willful humility
to the point of humiliation – theirs was wicked harassment to the point
of horror. – They subjected Him to cruelty that reflects our guilt – He
underwent shame for our salvation. Today as we contemplate the Son
of God riding as a humble King toward His humiliation and cruel
death, let us be deeply thankful for the blessed One who “comes in
the name of the Lord.” “Hosanna!” Save us Lord.