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Hebrews 12:1-3

Cloud of Witnesses

In the Race
The saints who have gone before us are living proof that we too
can be victorious in the race of faith. But they were not in it on
their own. They kept their focus on the Messiah to come and
were empowered for endurance by the presence of God in
their lives. They had to strive and struggle, they had to resolve to
press on in the face of sometimes tortuous challenges. Through
it all God was their strength and the unseen Christ was their
inspiration. They could not see exactly what Jesus would endure
to pave the way for our victory, but we have the full picture laid
out for us in the Gospel. Above all the great inspiration that we
receive from the saints who have gone before us, we look to
Jesus Christ Himself. The suffering saints and martyrs are a true
encouragement to us – in a way they cheer us on in our face of
faith – but our focus is not on them but the One who faced
hostility, suffering and even death by crucifixion for them and
for us. He blazed the way to victory for us by rising from the
dead and ascending to the right hand of glory – and then
sharing that victory with us. Be inspired by our forerunners in the
faith, and get your strength to endure from the one Who has
conquered sin, the devil and death. whatever comes to pass
keep your eyes fixed on Jesus so that you might not grow weary
of faint-hearted.