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Numbers 29:1-6

Day of Judgment (Rosh Hashanah)

Awakening to Judgment
The ancient Jews were instructed to start their new year off with ten days of
national reflection that would further inspire their awe of God. While such awe
should have been a perpetual state of being for God’s people this annual
refresher would serve to reinforce in their minds the intensity of what it means
to live in the presence of the Holy God. It stands to reason that a fresh reminder
of the nearness of the Lord would not only comfort and inspire God’s people,
but it would also remind them anew of their sinfulness in His presence and thus
their need to repent. The days would start with a solemn convocation called
Rosh Hashanah, announced with trumpets and filled with sacrifices to cover the
sins of the people. It was not all somber as the celebration that reflected on
God’s good creation – and the renewal of that idea for the new year, but the
prominent feature of the first seems to have been that of judgment and the
necessity of God to judge sin. We know that Jesus came and satisfied for the
righteous judgment for sin and with that the animal sacrifices have ended and
the high holy days of the old Covenant have faded from the holiday celebrations
of most Christians. Yet there is still a need to be constantly reminded of God’s
holy presence and the need for His people to continually repent of ongoing
sinfulness as a group and as individuals. As we enter into a New year may we be
awakened to a heightened awe in the presence of God, realize our need for
ongoing repentance of our sin in light of his holiness, and go forward with a
joyful confidence that as new creatures in Christ Jesus our sins have been
forgiven – and with a resolution, by His grace, to live holy lives even as He is