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Philippians 1:1-2

Dear Saints

No Cookie Cutter Church
A converted religious fanatic brings the good news of Jesus to a female
entrepreneur, a possessed slave, and a civil servant and their lives are
transformed. Thus began the first Christian church in Europe. As we begin
our expository series on Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi we are
embarking on a study of a predominantly positive letter to a church made
up of a variety of believers. Make no mistake, they face great challenges
from inside and out, but God is doing a mighty work in this church
comprised mostly of regenerate Gentiles. The disposition of the church at
Philippi and Paul’s encouragement to them should be an inspiration to our
church. We are not perfectly uniform Christian cookies (thank the Lord for
that!) but we share the same grace found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our
common bond should be much stronger than the differences we may have
among us – Paul will help to see how to maintain that kind of unity in this
wonderful letter. May God richly bless this sermon series, and may it result
in the blessing of the grace Paul begins and ends his short letter with, and
the peace that only God can afford His church.