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Psalm 78

Equipping Heirs of Faith
To Repeat and Not Repeat

How many times have you heard it repeated that repetition,
repetition, repetition is the best teacher. And who can forget
the phrase: Those who cannot remember the past are
condemned to repeat it. These two concepts come together in
this great psalm of remembrance. While those adages may
have legitimate application in an earthly sense, they have a
super-legitimate application in a spiritual sense. The chronicles
of redemption and the teaching of recorded in God’s Word are
to be repeated over and over again to God’s people not only
in the course of a lifetime but down through the course of
history – as it indeed has been. If we expect to see our children
and our children’s children become generations of those who
love God we must make sure we do our part to promote that.
Consistently teaching them the whole counsel of God in
Scripture is vital and tracing the course of the history of His
people from the beginning even down to this day is essential to
providing a strong foundation for our covenantal posterity. May
we be faithful in our generation as we seek to do our part in
boldly affirming to our offspring that which God has given us,
was kindly passed on to us from those who have gone before us
– and will surely guide and strengthen those who follow after us.