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h3>Psalm 97

Exalted Above All gods

Don’t Be Like Them
Though images, idols and statues have no life in and of
themselves there is definitely a spiritual element involved when
they are made the objects of worship. It brings people into
spiritual bondage. We are even told in one place that those
who worship idols become like them – in essence, dead. There
are many warnings throughout Scripture about the dangers of
worshipping creatures and manmade things. Not only is such
practice folly, it is a heinous affront to our holy God. We might
think modern western culture is too sophisticated to fall into the
ridiculous practice of worshipping items – but maybe we are
too sophisticated to see how subtle such worship really is and
how material things can easily replace God in our affections.
One striking phrase from Paul may put it all in perspective. At
the end of a list of sinful earthly practices he adds
“covetousness, which is idolatry.” (Colossians 3:5). The
inordinate love of things and envy over what others have is one
of many “modern day” forms of idolatry that we must guard
against. What a wonderful thing is to be set free from pagan
forms of idol worship – and what a wonderful thing it is to keep
the things of this passing world in perspective. We worship God
alone in spirit and in truth. Rejoice in the Lord, O your righteous,
and give thanks to His holy name!