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Philippians 4:20-23

Glory and Grace

A Return on the Word
Paul initial purpose for writing to his partners in the work of the Gospel may
have been to express appreciation for the gift they sent in support of his
ministry, but it certainly turned out to be far more than that. This is no
average thank you note! In our expository series in Philippians we have
discovered in the apostle’s letter profound doctrinal truths, gained more
understanding of Paul himself, received moral instructions, practical
direction, inspiration to persevere in the faith and great encouragement in
the Lord. We were treated to one of the most profound confessional
statements regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ … and then we
were exhorted to embrace for ourselves the attitude of humility that He
displayed. After four chapters and 39 sermons we might ask ourselves what
we have learned and how reading the Word and hearing it preached has
changed us over the past year. The Word speaks for itself and it will not
return void. The onus on the preacher is to present the texts faithfully and
clearly. But for positive change to take place in our lives the reading and
preaching of the Word must be attended by two things: The work of the
Holy Spirit and a willing heart. Has the Holy Spirit helped you grow through
your course in Philippians? Have you received and embraced what was
taught and applied God’s truth appropriately to your life? I trust that, by the
grace of God, you have found this series to be profitable. The would be a
great time to read this brief letter beginning to end to refresh your memory
with the wonderful, life changing truths that God has provided for us in this
wonderful letter.