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Philippians 1:6

God at Work

Grounds for Assurance
If we have any grounds for assurance that we are saved and
that we will actually appear before God with joy one day, it
certainly does not rest on our abilities. If it were left up to us we
would never be saved to begin with. If we were saved by God
and then left to ourselves, we would surely fall away from the
faith, and rather quickly. But believers can have true assurance
based on what God has done and what He has promised to do
through providing salvation through Christ. The apostle Paul had
such confidence for his own salvation but also for that of the
saints at Philippi. But on what grounds? On the fact that God
began the work of salvation by regenerating souls through the
resurrection power of the Gospel, and the certainty that He
who initiated the work of redemption has bound Himself to bring
it to full perfection. Our God is not fickle and He never fails.
Make no mistake, this does not mean believers can be lax in the
pursuit of the Christian life. On the contrary, in this same letter
Paul exhorts believers to “work out” their “own salvation with
fear and trembling,” (2:12b). But it does mean that we can rest
assured that our striving is not in vain; for the Lord, who worked
salvation for us, is at work in us, He will always be with us, until He
receives us to Himself, and then perfects us in preparation for