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Proverbs 3:19-25

God’s Creative Wisdom

Ex Nihilo
This may seem like a no brainer to most believers, but
embracing the fact that God created all things out of nothing
by His word is a fundamental of the Christian faith. For someone
to claim to be a Christian and deny that God created all things
ex nihilo, (out of nothing) is ignorance of God’s Word at best, a
denial of the power, wisdom, even the person of God (by
definition) at worst. But some people do this yet, but for some
odd reason, consider themselves to be solid Christians.
According to the Genesis record (though not a scientific
textbook) God created everything. Scripture affirms that
throughout, and the intricacy of creation itself clearly displays
that it is the handiwork of the brilliance of God’s wisdom.
Further, the writer of Hebrews declares that belief in this truth is
an essential of true faith (11:1-3). He also makes it clear that the
Son was directly involved in the process (11:1-4). We know Him
as Jesus. It is simply inconsistent to claim to be a Christian and
deny fundamentals such as these.
Such truth is received by faith, but the Christian faith is
based on facts that God has revealed to us. The facts behind
our faith in every respect, provide foundational knowledge
indeed. But to know that we are in the loving arms of the
Creator of all things and Who’s sovereign wisdom is over all that
comes to pass brings us a comfort and peace that passes all