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Philippians 1:15-18

Gospel Motives

Say What, Paul!?
Paul’s response to the bad preachers may seem a little surprising on
the surface, especially if you are someone who believes the pulpit
should be guarded doggedly by the truth of God’s Word. The apostle
can actually be quite righteously harsh with false teachers at times,
but this situation is different. In an odd way what Paul is addressing is
less damaging, but almost more disturbing in contrast with the
problem of heretics. These men were apparently sound in the doctrine
of Christ, but their motives were malicious. The Word they preached
could still be affective despite their corruption because it was still the
truth – yet their intentions were evil. How aggravating is that!?
Strangely, Paul seems to take it in stride, but make no mistake, he is not
cavalier about it. Their rivalry was with him, but Paul knew that, after
all, it was not about him but about Jesus. Christ was being preached
and that’s all he needed to know. Because he knew that, he not
rejoiced in the work of the Lord over it, he vowed to continue to do so.