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Romans 12:9-14

God’s Imperatives – Good Resolutions

Out text today contains the verses our elders are using for this round of home visits. We try to pick passages that encourage, reinforce and instill in the body of Christ solid devotion and godly living at home, in church and in our community life. The selections are also meant to challenge. In this case we have a string of imperatives, or commands, that are given to recipients of God’s saving grace in Christ Jesus. They are things we are called to do in light of His grace to us, by the grace He gives us and in imitation of that very same grace. The list in this short section is lofty and you will recognize right away impossible without grace at work in us. But as with all calls to obedience we set out, by the grace of God, to pursue them diligently. Perhaps you have made many resolutions for the new year, maybe you have made none, but here is a set of worthy goals from God’s Word that should be high on the list of pursuits for all of us in the coming year as we seek to grow more and more in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.