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Philippians 1:28-30

Grace to Suffer

A Second Blessing?
Salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ is the
wonderful truth of the Gospel. While new life in Christ is a free
gift to repentant sinners, it was accomplished, by God’s perfect
design, at the great cost of Jesus’ crucifixion. But the call to
believe and be saved is not merely a call to passively rest on a
profession we once made; the call to faith is a call to
discipleship, to follow the Savior, to live for the Lord. Jesus work
of salvation is complete. Repeat: We cannot add or take
anything away from what He has done for our salvation. At the
same time we are called to actively live our lives (as Paul wrote
earlier) in a “manner worthy of the Gospel.” Believers who know
Christ as Savior live for Him as Lord. That can, and to some
degree always will, cause conflict with the fallen world we live
in. Jesus told us so Himself. In another place Paul reminds us:
Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be
persecuted, 2 Timothy 3:12. The odd thing is, according to this
text, such suffering is granted to saints, or to put it another way is
gifted or graced to us! To strengthen it even more Paul says that
such opposition is actually a sign of our salvation. We will
probably never face the kind of persecution the Christians at
Philippi faced, but if and when we do face persecution to any
degree we do not need to be afraid or think that something
strange is happening to us. It is part of God’s design – even His
grace towards us. We are truly blessed if we are privileged to
suffer for His name’s sake and our unflinching trust in Him in the
face of opposition will prove to be a witness to the mighty work
of our Savior.