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John 10:19-26

Hanukkah in Holland?!

Who Brought the Dreidels?!
You will not find the word Hanukah (or Chanukah) in your Bible; that is, unless you have a Hebrew New Testament. Then again, perhaps to your dismay, you will not find “Holland” in any translation at all. So, why preach about this distinctly Jewish holiday in a predominantly gentile community? Well, because Jesus celebrated it—it was a life tradition for Him, His family and His nation. In our text we discover that Jesus used this holiday as an opportunity to answer the vital question of His Messiah-ship in the affirmative—yes, He is the deliverer of His people. In addition to that, the significance of light in the celebration reminds us of the fact that Jesus is the “Light of the Word.” This very Jewish holiday, celebrated by the very Jewish Jesus so long ago, has a message for Jew and Gentile today and even speaks right into all the festivity in our respective communities this time of year in these modern times. Jesus still delivers from the oppression of sin and Satan and gives light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.