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Psalm 139:7-11

Highs, Lows and Regular Days
Up, Down and In Between
Some folks cynically diminish the impact of Christian’s “mountaintop
experiences” and are quick to remind newly invigorated believers not to be
too excited – life will soon be back to doldrums. But let’s not be too hasty to
write off those special times of spiritual revival that God provides for us
from time to time. In fact, while we may not rely on them, we should long
for them. But we shouldn’t write off the times that God has ministered to
us in the dark valleys of life either. God often touches us profoundly when
we are at low points. In fact, I might even suggest that God uses the poles of
experience to energize our walk with Him when life seems relatively
“normal.” We must strive to keep a good pace of regular daily devotion to
keep in fellowship with the Lord, but we can still appreciate how the Lord
meets us wherever we may be on the journey of life. He always does this to
draw us closer to Him, not only in those extraordinary times but in the
ordinary as well.