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Luke 2:1-7

Timeless, In Time and Timely

There is nothing more relevant today than the life and work of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. The truth is, we can say that about any era before us and it will also be true in the ages to come until the Lord returns in glory. When the second personal of the Trinity took on human flesh it might be said that time and eternity met in Him. For all who have Christ as Savior that terrible chasm between mortality and everlasting gloom and immortality and everlasting bliss has been closed. God had determined just what the “fullness of time” was in which the incarnation was to occur – it was an incident in real time, with real days and dates – yet at the same time it is something that transcends time and secures for man, whose life is but a breath, eternal life. What a mystery! True believers know that nothing more significant has ever happened in all history that exceeds the importance of the life of Jesus the Lord. It is the pivotal event from beginning to end. Vigorously as foolish man may strive to diminish the glory of the Jesus of history and eternity, he cannot dim the glorious light of the Gospel of light and life. The Good News of life in Christ Jesus has always been and always will be a relevant contemporary message for mankind – and one ever so desperately needed by those crushed under the weight of sin.