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Psalm 67

Hope for the Nations
My Witnesses
“Nature” (or creation and providence), the Word and the Spirit
all declare the knowledge of God to people throughout the
world. Due to the darkness of man’s fallen mind, “natural
revelation” cannot sufficiently provide the kind of knowledge
necessary for salvation. So God gave us His Word—the Word
incarnate in Jesus, and the Word in writing in the Bible. He also
sends His Spirit to illuminate the minds of those in darkness to
receive the truth and believe in the Lord Jesus for salvation.
God has privileged His blessed people to be a part of the Word
and the Spirit part of calling in His people from the nations. Yes,
He is sovereign in salvation; and part of His sovereign plan is to
use His people throughout the ages to spread the good news
throughout the world. Those with a saving knowledge of God
should have a passionate zeal to know Him, His ways, and His
salvation better, and to declare His praises with joyful hearts.
Flowing from that will come a “missionary” passion to see the
knowledge of God spread throughout all nations and people.
Pray that the Lord will use the “blessed” people of Covenant
church to testify (from Holland and outward) to the glories of
the great God of our salvation.