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2 Chronicles 7

Above All

I, like most of you, will go into this coming week with butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of election results. As a responsible citizen I am sure you will register your vote and in doing so you will make a statement reflecting not only your political views but also your moral and spiritual convictions that lie behind your choices. It makes sense that, having the precious freedom to vote, we would take that privilege and make choices that best reflects our heartfelt convictions. This is not always easy in a fallen world in which our candidates are seriously flawed sinners, not necessarily Christians and who are, after all, living and moving in the realm of politics. Sometimes the choice are more clear than others. The lines seem to be fairly clear in the big contests this year – taken at face value the platforms of the major parties speak for themselves. Remember always that there are also appointed positions that come into play, not the least significant Supreme Court judges. The race is too close to call at this point, but the division speaks to a political, economic and even more strikingly moral divide in our nation. We can’t be certain what the outcome will be, but we can be certain of a few things: No matter who wins: 1.Our nation is in desperate need of a genuine spiritual revival. 2. Christians in this land must walk humbly with the Lord, always seeking His face and doing His will. 3. Christians must be active in the civic duties and political freedoms we are currently afforded as citizens. 4. God’s people must always trust in Him with our whole heart not matter what comes to pass – He is sovereign and rules over all. 5. And we must always have in clear view the fact that our King is King of Kings and Lord of Lords – Jesus reigns now and will forevermore. What a great and abiding comfort for the children of God in this crazy and confused world.