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Mark 6:14-29

John the Baptist

A Dance of Death
Jesus admired his relative John. In his own words: Truly, I say to
you, among those born of women there has arisen no one
greater than John the Baptist. Matthew 11:11a. John was called
to be a prophet of righteousness who would call people to
repentance, he was a baptizer who would baptize people in
response to their commitment to put off lives of sin, and most
importantly he was called to be a herald to announce the
arrival of the Messiah in the person of Jesus. He was a righteous
man, faithful and mighty in the Lord. No wonder Jesus withdrew
to a quiet place upon hearing of his brutal demise. Wicked
Herod prompted by wicked Salome who was prompted by
Herodias committed one of the most graphic and heinous acts
of persecution in the Biblical record. John could not back
down from preaching the righteousness he was called to
declare and he paid dearly for it. His blood was on the hands of
the household of Herod but it was shed as a witness to the truth,
righteousness, the kingdom and the glory of his Lord Jesus Christ.