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1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Let Us Keep Awake ~ Part 2

The End of Times and Seasons
One of the undeniable tenets of true Christian faith is the impending return
of Jesus in glory. As with all fundamental parts of true confession this is
based on facts revealed to us in Scripture. But the truths that God reveals to
us are often shrouded in mystery – they are mysteries revealed. Such is the
case with the second coming of Christ. We are assured by God’s Word that
it will happen, and we are told a great deal of what will happen on that
awesome day, but we are not told everything. Just when this will happen
and exactly how everything will pan out on that Day is unknown to man,
even to the most astute Biblical scholars. Yet the fact remains: righteous
judgment is coming and it behooves us to be ready. God has given fair
warning over and over again. For those who have not trusted in Christ this
will be a great day of terror as the wrath of God is meted out on all
unrighteousness. But as Paul points out in our text, for those who have
trusted in Jesus, the wrath we deserve was meted out on Christ in His
suffering and death, so that we might be saved … now and in the Day of
Judgment. We now live our lives for Him as we anticipate being with Him in
bliss forever. Will this great and awesome day be for you a day of ecstatic
bliss or a day of unmitigated terror?