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Philippians 2:3-5

Like Servants

All About Me
It starts early, early in life and early every morning – selfabsorption
that is. Our fallen human nature compels us to put
ourselves first, and unless something deters us we generally set
out to pursue our own advantages throughout our lives and
throughout the day, sometimes at the expense of others. There
are things that naturally require self-interest – things like eating
and drinking, appropriate self-defense and whatnot. And our
own spiritual welfare is of utmost priority – only fools neglect their
souls. But the seedier side of self-interest takes over when we
bloat our egos by feeding our self-indulgent pride and put
ourselves at the center of the universe. That may sound a bit
dramatic, but things can easily become all about self, we “Look
out for number one,” after all, “It’s all about me.” We would
never say it, but we often think it and act accordingly. Are we
really that bad? Perhaps not as bad as we can be – but we all
face the problem of heightened self-centeredness at times. We
can never be comfortable with that. God calls us to a new
mentality; we have the mind of Christ, and by His grace and His
Spirit at work in us we can actually make progress in meekness
and grow in Christ-like humility. Put off selfish ambition – cloth
yourself with humility before God and man – make it your habit
to put others first – imitate Christ as servants – and you will glorify
your Father in Heaven.