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Mark 16:9-20

Simple Truth Hard to Tell?

Mark’s message is consistently rapid in movement, simple, concise and straightforward. While there are some difficulties with the closing texts of his Gospel the outline is uncomplicated while at the same time capturing the momentum he has maintained throughout his account. He hones in on the first collection of witnesses to the living Christ with little detail and concisely explains how Jesus’ commands them to declare the good news to all creation. This moment launches the spread of the Gospel in earnest to a desperate world (pending the outpouring of the Spirit). It strikes me that Jesus uses the collection of people that He does to be His witnesses. While those originally commissioned were apostles and thus the original company of preachers, they set the pace all true disciples of the Lord to spread the Word throughout the world and down through the ages. We may not be eyewitness of the living Christ like that first collection of saints, but we are witnesses to the living Christ as He has been vividly revealed to us by the work of the Holy Spirit and the living word. Some things can be so simple, yet hard at the same time: we testify to the Living Christ and the power of His resurrection … but for any number of reasons it is sometimes hard for us to declare that to others. Thank God He has opened our eyes to the truth … may He graciously grant us the grace to loosen our tongues to proclaim the Gospel that has saved us to the lost and dying world in which we live.