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Philippians 4:1

Love & Leadership

Encouraged & Alert
The apostle Paul is not a man given to flattery, and yet,
he is not afraid to express the delight he derives from his
relationship with the church at Philippi. He has written about his
love for them and then he takes it further. He finds true joy in the
fact that they are established in the Lord and finds great
satisfaction that the Lord has used his labors to build on that. He
rejoices that they are doing well. But Paul is not naïve. He knows
that believers are engaged in a battle and therefore he exhorts
them to stand firm in the Lord. They are to hold their ground (so
to speak), firmly planted on the foundation they have in Christ
and the doctrines of grace contained in the scriptures. The fact
that they must stand firm clearly suggests that there are
elements at play that will threaten their footing. So, standing
firm, they must be prepared to withstand and conquer trials and
temptations they will inevitably face. Our church is blessed and
a blessing in many ways, and for that we give thanks to the
Lord. But we must consciously and doggedly stand firm on the
foundation we have in Christ – resisting temptations and trials
that come arise within and from outside the body of Christ.