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Matthew 23:23-35

Martyr: Zechariah

Evil Twins
The following excerpt borrowed from Christianity Today
highlight two nations that are at the top of the list of many
nations that persecute believers. Let’s remember to pray for our
brothers and sisters there and wherever they are counted
worthy to suffer for the name of the Lord.

“For decades, North Korea has clearly been the world’s
worst persecutor of Christians. But now, another nation nearly
matches it. Open Doors released today its 2018 World Watch List
(WWL), an annual ranking of the 50 countries where it is most
dangerous to follow Jesus. Approximately 215 million Christians
now experience high, very high, or extreme levels of
persecution; that means 1 in 12 Christians live where Christianity
is “illegal, forbidden, or punished,” according to Open Doors
Kim Jung-un’s country hasn’t moved from the No. 1 spot
on the list for 16 years in a row. “With more than 50,000 in prison
or labor camps, such a ranking is little surprise for the totalitarian
regime that controls every aspect of life in the country and
forces worship of the Kim family,” Open Doors reported.
But rivaling it this year is Afghanistan, which ranked No. 2
in their violence rating. In the other five categories measured—
private life, family life, community life, national life, and church
life—both countries received the worst scores possible.
Reports of violence and human rights atrocities from
North Korea are pervasive, while the situation faced by
Christians in Afghanistan may be underestimated. It is hard for
Westerners to imagine a second country could nearly meet the
levels of persecution seen in North Korea, but Afghanistan has
reached that level this year.”
Christianity Today – JANUARY 10, 2018 9:00