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Isaiah 6: 1-13

Martyrs: Isaiah

No Qualifiers
The call of a prophet requires absolute trust in God and total commitment
to his Word. It also requires a dogged commitment to fulfill their calling
without reservation. The greatest of prophets were still weak humans, so
there were times of doubt and fear (and worse if you take Jonah into
consideration!), but once they counted the cost and put their hand to the
plow there was not turning back. No matter what the response of the
people might be, they were not to back down from the truth. Isaiah was
told at the outset that he was being sent to an obstinate people.
Nonetheless he was to bring them the bad news about their sin and the
good news about salvation. It would not be easy and it would eventually
cost him his very life. Jesus’ preachers are called to the same level of
commitment – trust the Lord – declare His truth – and don’t back down. It
may not be easy, and for some it may cost their very lives. In other words,
“Here I am, send me” does not come with qualifiers.
We are not all called to be preachers, teachers or missionaries, but we are
all called to trust in the Lord and spread His Word. Surely we have counted
the cost of following Him … but have we counted the cost of bearing His
name and speaking His Word?