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Acts 11:19-12:4

Martyrs: James

Glorious Departure ~ Inglorious Demise
It is easy to forget about James. In the Gospels he is
overshadowed by Peter and John, yet he was one of the four
among the twelve apostles considered to be part of Jesus’
“inner circle.” In Acts, while nearly two chapters describe
Stephen’s demise, only seven words in the Greek are dedicated
to James’ martyrdom. Tonight we have the privilege of getting
to know James better and taking in the significance of the
sacrifice he made for the work of the Kingdom. Unfortunately
we are also introduced to the vile character of Agrippa I,
people-pleaser, God hater and murderer. The fate of the two
men is radically different and yet, ironically both deaths serve to
bring glory to God and to promote the spread of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. We will also discover that passage provides great
encouragement for the church today and at the same time
issues a grave warning to all who would dare persecute her.