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Jeremiah 1:1-9

Martyrs: Jeremiah

Leaving an Impression
One can’t help but get the impression that being an Old
Testament prophet is a daunting task. Some of the things they
had to say were harsh, some of the things they had to do were
by most standards bizarre. Prophets were meant to leave an
impression on the people. The Reactions of the people to their
words and actions were often violent and sometimes
murderous. But there is one aspect of the prophet’s ministry that
we often overlook, one that is prominent in the ministry of
Jeremiah. We often think of the physical harm that can come
to faithful heralds of God’s Word in antagonistic settings –
Jeremiah would face that. But he also experienced what we
might call the heightened psycho-emotional-spiritual impact of
ministry. He is often called the weeping prophet. It was not
because he was a particularly emotional person, it was
because embraced the heart and message of God to the
point that that is consumed him. God’s response to the flagrant
rebellion against Him provoked him to anger, but also grief. His
love for them produced what we would consider heartbreak,
but also compassion. We might not be comfortable using the
term “emotion” in relation to God, but that is certainly what is
projected in the prophetic word he gave to Jeremiah – and
Jeremiah owned it for himself. When Jeremiah preached he
preached from his heart and his heart was in tune with God’s.
He wept over their sin, grieved over their self-inflicted wrath and
experienced the brokenhearted love that aches over a stiffnecked,
hard-hearted and adulterous people.