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1 Kings 18:1-19

Martyrs: Jezebel’s Victims: The Prophets
Suppressing the Truth
The light of truth aggravates darkness. There are few names as closely
associated with spiritual darkness as Jezebel and she was aggravated by the
prophets of Israel. The wicked queen was immersed in pagan idolatry and
her weaker partner Ahab the King of Israel was complicit in her religious
perversity. Because the prophets spoke truth that condemned their
disgraceful practices, they had to do something to stop them, so they killed
as many as possible. But the truth cannot be stopped. Enter Elijah the great
prophet, who, when trusting in the Lord, challenged their false gods and
their worshippers to prove themselves. The truth prevailed with power. The
truth could not be denied. But Elijah was just a man. When things got really
bad, fear set in and he began to despair thinking that he was the only
prophet left. But God had made provision and preserved scores of witnesses
to His truth.
Many attempts have been made by kings, queens, dictators and
other government officials throughout the ages to stop the spread of the
Gospel truth. They have certainly had temporal and regional success, but
ultimately their evil plan is always foiled by a gracious God whose truth sets
people free. The wonderful message of the Gospel will go wherever God
designs it to go … and when it goes it goes with power. God will always have
faithful witnesses – they may fall on tough times – but the truth they
proclaim will prevail. Persecution for testifying to our faith is totally foreign
to us, but many of our brothers and sisters throughout the world regularly
risk life and limb to tell people about Jesus. Pray that they would not be
afraid or despair in the face of powerful people who will do everything
within their power to suppress the Truth.