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2 Thessalonians 1:3-12

Martyrs: Justice

Grace … and Vengeance belong to the Lord
It really is hard to fathom the reality of eternal punishment for
unbelievers, but we know it is a reality because God tells us so in
His Word. It is equally hard to grasp the fact that some will
escape that horrible reality due to the saving mercy of God
through Christ Jesus. It’s even harder to comprehend the grace
that we who believe in Christ know. We know that we do not
deserve the life we have now or the life that we can look
forward to. Unbelief is dreadful enough, but an unbeliever that
persecutes God’s people is not only living under wrath now, he
will receive a special measure of divine punishment in the next.
This is the day of grace and the time to repent. Even the worse
tormenters of God’s people are not beyond the reach of
salvation (consider Paul). We don’t know who will or will not be
saved among them, but this we do know, we have an
obligation to love our enemies and pray for those who
persecute us. (Matthew 5:44) We may have few personal
enemies and we probably don’t deal with much persecution,
but many of our brothers and sisters around the world have
hateful enemies and face violent persecutors simply due to their
faith in Jesus. Those of us who know Jesus can pray for our fellow
Christians and for those who harass them. Pray God’s people
find strength – pray that God will stop the hand of the
persecutors – and pray that many who lift their hand against
Jesus’ people would repent and believe in the very One they
are persecuting. (Act 9:4)