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John 21:15-25

Martyrs: Peter in Acts

Peter’s Cross
The transformation in Peter from the Gospel accounts to the
Book of Acts is astounding. He had always been impetuous and
often quite bold for better or worse. But he cowered when he
saw his preconceived notion of the kingdom of God collapse
when Jesus was arrested. When Luke opens his second book,
we find Peter, along with the others waiting in Jerusalem for the
Holy Spirit. They had already seen the living Christ and then they
would see Him ascend into Heaven. Then came the outpouring
of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and suddenly we find a re-tooled
Peter preaching boldly to enemies of Christ in the public square
– and he keeps it up to the end. Sometimes his message was
well received, others not so much. Either way he knew that he
always faced death as per Jesus’ words to him before he
ascended. Nonetheless Peter pressed on boldly, his boldness
now sanctified for thoroughgoing Kingdom work. One day he
would face those who would murder him for his faith. Tradition
holds that he faced crucifixion, but unwilling to be “dignified” to
die the way Jesus did he requested to be crucified upside
down in order to display his subservience to Christ.