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1 Samuel 22

Martyrs: The Priests of Nob

Bloodshed Within the House
The magnitude of the crisis that developed in Israel under
King Saul near the end of his reign is almost impossible to
describe. Simply consider the tragic scenario: The first king of
Israel is intent on murdering David, God’s anointed King, for a
variety of reasons – top among them insane jealousy. In his
frustration he commands an unsavory Edomite to slaughter the
anointed priests of Nob who are under suspicion of
collaboration with his nemesis. Because David is the rightful
representative head of God’s people and because the priests
were appointed for God’s worship, Saul’s actions were actually
treason against heaven. Saul was not successful in destroying
David, but he did have his priestly allies slaughtered. This is only
a shadow of a greater act of treason directly leveled, not
against the King of Israel, but the King of heaven. Spearheaded
by the corrupted leadership of God’s people, in collusion with
the pretender King of Israel (an Edomite – listen for it), and
gentile rulers, Jesus was successfully murdered by the “hands of
lawless men.” It was God’s plan, but they were culpable. But
the antagonism didn’t stop there. The fury would eventually be
unleashed on Jesus’ “collaborators” the apostles (except for
Judas – a Doeg figure? Listen for it) for their association with
Him. Though Jesus’ followers had done nothing wrong (in fact
quite the contrary), they would suffer for His name’s sake. The
treatment of the apostles and many of the first disciples set the
pace for persecution of God’s people down to this day. But this
is the most alarming part – it is often leveled by authorities within
the “church.” Let us remember our brothers and sisters around
the world who suffer for Christ, including those who are
persecuted in the tragic and disconcerting circumstances in
which “church” authorities oppress true Christians for their
faithful alliance with King Jesus.