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Psalm 84

No Other gods

Sweet Communion ~ Delightful Service
There is truth to the adage “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s
gone.” This is often the case when it comes to certain aspects of
intimate communion with God. This Psalm is written from the
perspective of deep longing for two things: The Psalmist aches to be in
the presence of God and in service to him. Some unspecified
hindrance has kept him from the full experience of that which must
have enjoyed at some point in the past. The writer certainly knows that
he can have fellowship with the Lord wherever and whenever – and
he also knows that wherever he, he is to serve the Lord. But he longs to
be in a special place where he can enjoy the blessing of the Lord
more fully. It is worth reminding us that we can have communion with
God anywhere, all the time, and we are to serve Him always – but I
think we all agree that there are special times of intimacy with God
that we especially cherish and that there are ministries in which we
take unusual delight. When those things are taken away for whatever
reason there is bound to be an ache in our heart. I can’t help but think
of many of our saints who are not able to attend Lord’s Day worship
and are unable serve in ministry the way they once did due to
physical conditions. How often I have heard them say things like “I miss
church so much” and “I (we) used to be so involved, and we miss it so
much.” The Lord still blesses their communion with Him and they are still
serving the Lord in whatever capacity the Lord gives them – but they
will all tell you … “it’s not the same.” God will continue to bring them
from “strength to strength” as He does all his people – and one day all
in Christ will be in His immediate presence. But, in the meantime, let’s
all learn from those who ache and faint for the courts of God. We
should share that same godly desire – and if we have the health and
strength (we certainly have the freedom) to join in congregational
worship and service in God’s church, let’s never take that blessing for
granted, but instead take full advantage of God’s gracious provision
for us. We will ache for to be fully in the presence of God until we step
into glory – until then may God continue to refresh us through worship
and service along the way.