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Philippians 3:2-11

One Confidence

A Loser’s Reward
According to the standards of God’s Covenant community of
his day the Apostle Paul had impeccable religious credentials.
He had the right pedigree, strove to maintain a high moral
standard, practiced his ‘faith’ with fervor and he was extremely
zealous when it came to church work. He thought he was right
with God. What he did not know at the time was that no one
was ever qualified to stand before the Holy God that way. The
fact of the matter was that all of his attributes not only did not fit
him for heaven, but fit him to be damned. His self-righteousness
testified against him. It turned out that all the things he counted
dear, and all the things he counted on to attain righteousness
were worthless and aggravated his guilt. He was condemned,
but the strange thing is, he was happy when that was finally
revealed to him. It was only then that he learned that he had to
let go of all of his efforts and to embrace the only” formula” that
could save his soul; Grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.”
He had to lose it all, all his self-effort in order to gain Christ.
What is your hope of heaven? If it is accumulating
righteousness on your own, according to Paul you are basically
heaping up a pile of worthless dung. Christ’s righteousness
alone is sufficient for your salvation – to attain that we must let
all delusions of self-sufficiency go and embrace the grace of
God, trusting in the merit of Christ alone for our salvation.