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Philippians 1:7, 8

One in Grace and Struggle

Blest Be the Tie
The thing that bound Paul closely to the people of the
Philippian church was the grace that they shared through faith
in Jesus Christ. Fellowship in the Lord strengthened that bond,
and their unified labors in the Gospel strengthened it further.
Their ministry together and their ministry to him while he was in
prison made that bond stronger still. Paul’s affection for many of
the believers in his life was so strong that, when he expresses it, it
can feel a little awkward for those of a more staid disposition.
What is more striking than his loving words is the fact that it is so
genuine, he is unafraid to call God as his witness!
Believers in a local church like ours share that same bond
of faith. What will strengthen that is real fellowship, real
connectedness. Aloofness will never accomplish what Paul is
describing. Further, partnership in the work of the Gospel will
build that bond of fellowship between us as we labor together
to spread the word and do acts of mercy. How ready are we to
say that we “thank” God for each other, hold each other in our
hearts, and that we have such affection for each other that we
yearn for each other’s company? How willing are we to call
God as a witness the bent of our hearts toward one another?! It
all may seem a bit over the top – but it sounds like the grace of
God at work. May that kind of grace abound in our fellowship
at Covenant.