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Psalm 8

Out of the Mouth of Babes

O LORD, our Lord …
I. God’s Majesty
A. Behold His Glory
B. Praise Him Like Children
II. The Crown of Creation
A. Glorious
B. Mandated
C. Puny
III. Christ Above All
A. Proof of God’s Interest
B. The Son
C. Worshipped
… how majestic is Your Name!

Childlike Awe
The magnificence of creation reveals to us some of God’s glory. When
we take in the wonders of His handiwork we should be in awe, and we
should not hold back in praising Him accordingly. In addition to that,
we should be thoroughly amazed that this infinite, majestic God takes
interest in the likes of puny us. Yet without his constant involvement
and care for us, we would cease to exist – we are utterly dependent
upon Him for life itself. God is intimately involved in His creation.
Perhaps the greatest proof of God’s interest in mankind, – sinful
mankind at that -is the fact that He sent the Son into the world in order
to become one of us to save us. We praise the God of creation with
all those who are attuned to Who He is. And may we praise the Lord
Jesus Christ with the same unrestrained enthusiasm as the children did
when they could not stop shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David!”