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Philippians 1:3-5

Partners in the Gospel

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Beyond Kaffeeklatsch

Okay, I admit it, all my life I thought it was coffee clutch—which never made any sense to me anyway. But I at least got the idea, and it is simple: It has to do with socially gathering to have conversation and, well, drink coffee. This can be a great way to boost our fellowship, so we encourage it after our service and promote it outside of Sunday gatherings as well, in whatever form it may take. It is fair when believers kibbutz to see it as some form of fellowship. But that is just one small component of a much larger fellowship God’s people enjoy when they dwell together in harmony. The bond of the saints is tight in Christ (or at least it should be) and unified efforts in the growth of God’s Kingdom flowing from that captures something of what Paul refers to as the “partnership (koinonia or communion)” of the Gospel. The church at Philippi shared this special blessing with the apostle and with each other. Evidence of it caused Paul great joy! May it be that we at Covenant would seek the very same blessing and strive to promote the communion of the Gospel in our church as we commit ourselves to the work side by side in the Kingdom work God has called us to do. Let’s keep klatsching and kibbutzing over kaffee—but let’s make sure to take our partnership in the Gospel far beyond drinking and chatting.