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Luke 2:8-20

Peace When there IS Peace

There is a great warning in God’s Word to those who would speak “peace, peace” when there is no peace. Some will even claim that there is a peace with God outside of His own very specific design spelled out in Scripture. But the angel of the Lord accompanied by a multitude of heavenly host speak peace from heaven with absolute authority because they speak what God told them to speak! (If only all preachers, seminary professors and Bible teachers did just that!). Peace! While many might hope the emphasis of the divine declaration was world peace in the traditional sense it really speaks to something far more profound, infinitely more glorious and ultimately universal. It is a peace with God – it is the peace of the everlasting Kingdom. The reign of peace begins with the coming of Christ as God and sinners are reconciled through His mediatorial work. Multitudes throughout history and all over the face of the earth have experienced such peace and still today saints enjoy a peace that passes understanding due to God’s favor. The Kingdom of peace continues to expand and the King of Peace continues to subdue hearts unto Himself by the power of the Spirit and the precision of His Word. It may be a long time before anything that remotely resembles a thoroughgoing laying down of worldly weaponry, but the people of God know true and abiding peace despite the turmoil of this crazy world here and now. May God grant you full peace and joy as you celebrate the coming of the Christ Child this Advent season.