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Philippians 2:14-16

Peculiar Children

Luminous Joy
I have a friend that reminds me often of the important part true
joy plays in a Christian’s witness to the unbelievers. He makes a
great point: why would anyone want to listen to us or want
what we have if there is no evidence of joy in our life? Life in
Christ is a joy, not a burden, unless we make it one. While my
friend has never quoted our text in our conversations, his
convicting proposal is a close companion to it. If we have the
joy of the Lord we have peace with God, trust in His sovereign
providence, AND we know that we have heavenly riches
beyond all this earth can afford. If that doesn’t temper our
propensity toward grumbling and complaining about our lot in
life, what will? Isn’t it striking that the simple absence of
something as negative as discontent can testify to our
contentment in Christ in a profound way? When we grasp the
true beauty of our salvation in Christ and live it out we serve as
peculiarly bright lights in a dark, twisted and perverse