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2 Kings 23:1-14

Personal Reformation
On Faith
Edited Excerpts from Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion
Faith is the principal work of the Holy Spirit. Only by faith does he
bring us to the light of the Gospel, – as John teaches, that to
those who believe in Christ is given the privilege “to become the
sons of God, even to them that believe in his name, which were
born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of
man, but of God,” (John 1: 12.) Opposing God to flesh and
blood, he declares faith to be a supernatural gift, that those
who would otherwise remain in unbelief, receive Christ by faith.
1. God by his Law prescribes what we ought to do, therefore
failure in any one respect subjects us to the dreadful judgment
of eternal death.
2. Because it is not only difficult, but altogether beyond our
strength and ability to fulfill the demands of the Law, if we look
only to ourselves and consider what is due to our merits, no
ground of hope remains, but we lie forsaken of God under
eternal death.
3. There is only one method of deliverance which can rescue us
from this miserable calamity, viz., when Christ the Redeemer
appears, by whose hand our heavenly Father, out of his infinite
goodness and mercy, has been pleased to succor us, if we with
true faith embrace this mercy, and with firm hope rest in it.