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Philippians 3:12-14

Pressing On

Bogged vs. Pressing
There is no question that our pasts shape us. Our good, bad and
ugly behaviors as well as others’ influences in the past not only
make for a variety of memories, they help shape our personality
and character may even have strong influence in the present.
But there is a newness in Christ. It is true that we have to deal
with our past and sometimes reconcile things that are still amiss
from days gone by, but we can’t get stuck there, we can’t get
bogged down. Consider how Paul had to give up his old life of
works righteousness and pride, but he had to overcome deep
grief he must have felt over his crimes against the citizens of the
Kingdom of God in his murderous persecution days. In a very
real way he still needed to leave the past behind and pursue a
vigorous life of devotion to Christ. Are you made new in Christ? If
not your past will catch up to you as your account of sin is
gaining interest and your debt to God is insurmountable and
unpayable. But if the debt of you sin has been paid by Christ,
you have been made new. You may have some stuff to sort out
from your past … but it is past … and your former sins however
grievous they are are forgiven. You can move forward freely
and with joy know he has save you and will keep you. It is all of
grace. But don’t take it easy to steal the words of the apostle,
“strain forward” and “press on” to the upward call in Christ