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Matthew 10:1-39

Principles of Resolve
Prepared, Not Paranoid
Jesus’ original disciples were certain to face hatred for their devotion to the
Lord and for proclaiming the Good News of salvation. God’s people have
suffered at various times in various places to varying degrees throughout
the history of the world for their faith. Many of our brothers and sisters in
Christ around the world face marginalization, outright rejection (even by
family members), torture and even death because they belong to Jesus. We
might not understand why that is, but we know for sure that it is. Our Lord
explicitly told his followers not to be surprised that people would hate us
and He gave instructions about how to be prepared in the face of
persecution. We have been tremendously blessed with an abundance of
freedom to exercise our faith without severe harassment in our country and
we ought to be extremely thankful for that. While we should not be
paranoid about things changing dramatically in that regard we should also
not be caught off guard. Things are definitely not going in a good direction
in the USA and we should not be at all surprised if Christians just like us
become favorite targets of aggravated unbelievers and God haters as they
rise to prominent places of influence. Take courage, be resolved and learn
from the Master who has gone before us in victory and Who instructs us in
the courageous way all of His followers must be ready to go in the face of
godless adversity.