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h3>Philippians 4:2-5a


When Christians Clash
Face it, the church is a pile of sinners saved by grace. The sin
part lingers and so we don’t always get along. Sad but true. I
love the fact that the issue between the two women in the text
is undefined. We have no idea what it was or how dramatic
things got, we simply know that they disagreed on something to
the extent that it merited mention in Paul’s letter as well as third
party involvement to help straighten it out. Whatever the
magnitude, strife in the church is unhealthy, and left
unattended, it can become toxic. Do you have issues with
anyone in your church? Is there tension between you and a
brother or sister in the body of Christ that needs gracious
attention? If so reconciliation is the call of the day for you. If you
have offended someone – you need to go to them in humility. If
someone has offended you – you need to approach them with
a spirit of grace. If it’s complicated seek the help of a godly,
objective third party. May God’s grace abound in our church,
may our love for one another be evident to all, and may the
Lord be glorified by the harmony we enjoy in the body of Christ
here at Covenant.